Four Reasons Why Alcoholism Isn’t Controllable Through Moderation

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Have you said or heard the following? “My drinking really isn’t a problem.” “I can stop any time I want to.” “I’m not addicted, I don’t have withdrawal.” These are some of the more common phrases said by those who don’t consider their use of alcohol a problem. Although many of these people are not losing their homes or their jobs due to addiction, there can still be side effects and outcomes that are harmful to their health and relationships, whether they identify their addiction or not. Those who use […]

Recovery Tips: Are You in the Pink Cloud?

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For many, getting clean and sober brings a euphoria. The phase of early recovery, when someone experiences extreme happiness and excitement, is called the pink cloud. Some people call it the “honeymoon” phase. But it’s also a dangerous phase. Urban Dictionary ( defines the pink cloud this way: “12-Step recovery jargon referring to someone new who talks about how great life is, now that they’re sober. Usually meaning that the person is out of touch with reality.” The danger of the pink cloud is becoming complacent about working your program. […]

Alcoholism and Insomnia: The Truth

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Alcohol has been used as an effective sleep aid for many years, but did you know your evening nightcap is doing you more harm than good? – Because I sure didn’t. Alcoholism & My Zombie High-Wire Act During my heavy addiction to drugs and alcohol, I found myself performing a very delicate balancing act every day in order to function properly. I was always susceptible to insomnia, especially during stressful times, and my love of cocaine only made it worse. So, to counteract the days’ worth of drugs I’d usually […]