Detox Partners

At Executive Recovery Center, we assist in helping our clients achieve their goals by providing positivity and encouragement. For this reason, professional partnerships have been established with outside facilities to assist with detox services. Our partners hold the same core values and beliefs that we hold.

We are dedicated to our clients and their needs, utilizing outside detox facilities allows our facility to remain focused on the services and assistance we provide in-house. Providing resources and convenient locations help improve our clients’ recovery rates.

To keep our clients’ personal lives as private as possible, we provide transportation to and from these facilities. Whether clients fly in to see us or live locally, we provide transportation from their homes or the airport to the detoxification facility.

Each patient has a unique treatment plan which excludes a predefined length of time a client could spend at the detox facility. Length of time spent at the detox facility varies depending on the substance used, the length of use, and the propensity to use again. Once our clients have complete their detoxification period, we transport them back to Executive Recovery Center.

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