Often a diagnosis of substance addiction or alcohol dependency can come accompanied with mental conditions. In fact, more often than not the people who come to see us for addictions recovery end up finding out about, or taking care of, psychological conditions simultaneously. Clinicians sometimes refer to these clients as ‘dual-diagnosis’ patients, though the more current term is a co-occurring disorder. Because of the frequency and importance of this issue, Executive Recovery Center offers a complete dual-diagnosis treatment program for disorders like depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and PTSD. These co-occurring disorders sometimes arise from trauma, which we can also treat.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health: The Correlation

Knowledge of the damage that misuse or over consumption of drugs and alcohol can cause is very much present in society today. There are ads and warnings about psychosis, loss of functionality, and complete breakdown at every turn. What is spoken about a bit less, however, is the immensely honest reality that a lot of people with mental illnesses are being misdiagnosed, or going untreated. Consequently, they turn to substances that have the potential for abuse and addiction

Merging Treatments

Executive Recovery Center our goal is to  guide you to complete healing of oneself, and the staff and clinicians at the facility have developed a basic success structure for the clients. Because every client is different from the next, we design the individual plans to fit the needs of each patient.

When you first arrive at Executive Recovery Center, located in Stuart, Florida, you are tasked to go through the preliminary intake process. This is given to every client and has all around similarities. After the intake phase, we give each client a detailed assessment. This includes previous mental history, medical history, family history, and previous drug history. From this phase, a starting point is set for the clients’ rehabilitation plan.

Treatment Plans

Executive Recovery Center finds it necessary to stay on top of this aspect of the healing process. This includes the implementation of several different factors that have been proven to make an incredible difference in the lives of current, and previous clients.

  • Individualized Counseling

When an individual suffers from any type of Dual-Diagnosis, it is important to get them the proper knowledge and support. At Executive Recovery Center, we ensure that this can be done in a safe and secure environment, by way of individualized, one-on-one counseling.

  • Group Counseling

You may not be able to get to recovery on your own. Although some people may feel ashamed of their past, it is highly important to be willing to sit as an equal among others who have suffered through similar hardships.

  • Medications

Medications are sometimes offered for the treatment of Dual-Diagnosis. These plans are discussed by the Clinical Director of the program alongside your personal therapist.