Have Fun Sober: 4 Ways to Spend Your Friday Night

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Recovery Is Learning How To Have Fun Sober

In the past, your idea of a fun Friday night might have involved binge drinking or taking pills. However, now that you’re on the path to recovery, these pastimes are no longer an option. We know a big part of staying sober is making sure you occupy your time and have fun. The reasons many people become addicted in the first place – stress, depression, and even boredom – can lead many people astray in their recovery. So, what else can you do to have some fun on the weekend? Here’s four entertaining suggestions that will keep you from relapsing.

Go to the Gym

Chances are, your physique may have suffered during your time using drugs or alcohol. Alcohol can tack on more pounds than you’d like, and substances like heroin can make you drop a lot of weight, including muscle mass. One of the best ways to get back in shape is to hit the gym. Friday night is the perfect time to engage in a fitness routine, as many other people will be out partying. You’ll be able to avoid negative influences while also doing something to improve yourself.

Going to the gym has been an effective method of staying sober in the past. Many of those who go through Executive Recovery Center’s program spend their free time in Intensive Outpatient rehab exercising. It helps occupy the mind and the body.

Check Out New Shows

If you’ve spent the past few weeks at a drug rehab or drug detox facility, you’ve probably been missing out on some of your favorite shows, or missed the release of some new hits. Friday night is the perfect time to catch up on the episodes you haven’t seen. Or, start a new show and binge watch all of it in one night. Order a pizza, microwave some popcorn, and invite your friends over for a television marathon.

Did you know HBO has over 50 multi-season hit series, all watchable on their streaming service? Between classics like Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Wire, to new hits like Game of Thrones and The Night Of, many of the thrilling shows on HBO are the kind that you definitely want to stay sober for.

Show off Your Athletic Skills

Feel like moving around a bit, but aren’t quite ready to hit up the gym? There are many great alternatives, from intensive activities like tennis to more sedentary skills like bowling. It’s the perfect way to spend some time with your friends and to have fun sober, without the need for drinking or taking drugs. Try looking out for sports that you’ve always wanted to try – there are a lot of options for people of any age who want to pick up a sport, and classes are available in many communities to help those who don’t know where to begin.

Sports are a great way for you to practice patience, coordination, and timing – all skills you’ll need during your recovery. Plus, Friday night is usually a tournament night for many sports, so you get the excitement and thrill of Friday night without needing to pick up the bottle.

Take a Class

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint or how to write poetry? Now’s your chance. Look into local classes in your area to find something that matches your interests. Not only will you get the chance to perfect your skills in cooking, languages, ballet, or woodworking, but you’ll also get to meet some new friends. Rebuilding your social network with people that don’t abuse substances is crucial to having a successful recovery.

Not sure what your interests even are? No problem! Pick up a class at random – it sounds silly, but many people find a hobby they love just by circumstance. The head programmer for Uber picked up coding by taking classes after work, and George Clooney started his acting career as one of his odd jobs. So even if you’re just looking for a way to have fun sober, remember that Friday night is still valuable time to use towards a new career or a new stage in your life.

Finding Ways To Have Fun Sober Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Having fun on a Friday night doesn’t have to be all about drugs and drinking. There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy yourself without jeopardizing your recovery.

If you do feel like you’re at risk for a relapse this Friday night, give our addiction specialists a call now at 1-855-699-5159. We can offer numerous kinds of addiction help, including treatment referrals, therapy meetings, and advice on staying on a path to recovery.

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