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Adam DBT Therapist – Talks about how Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps people overcome addiction

Lisa Primary Therapist – Shares how she helps clients overcome trauma related to addiction

Sam Primary Therapist – Shares how he helps clients identify their core issues and overcome them

Daneil Licensed Practical Nurse – Speaks about pain management and the medical team

Adriane DBT Therapist – Talks about the effectiveness of DBT and the power of mindfulness

Hector Addiction Counselor – Shows that addiction doesn’t have a face and how it can affect anyone

Lisa Primary Therapist – Goes over different therapy options offered at Executive Recovery Center

Hector Addiction Counselor – Speaks on how to treat the underlying causes of addiction


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Executive Recovery Center
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 7 reviews
by Renee B. on Executive Recovery Center
I am forever grateful

When I arrived at Executive Recovery Center it was my first rehab and I did not choose to go to rehab, I knew I had a problem and after a while, I was convinced that it was normal and that everyone around me was doing the same thing and I had settled. I was working a great job with endless potential for growth, but I never did move up in rank at my job. I did my job well but stayed with what I knew, my comfort zone, and when I came to Executive Recovery Center it was a huge eye opener as I got to see how much my life had spiraled out of control and how much I was hurting my loved ones, but even more so how I was hurting myself. Without the help and utilizing the tools Executive Recovery Center provided for me I would have never had the life I am so grateful for today. I have been sober for 78 days which isn't long but as time passed while I was at Executive Recovery Center I felt better than I could ever remember, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I wasn't nervous to come home but when my time was up and I had completed the program I felt like I needed to ask a few questions to prepare myself. The counselors there were more than honest with their opinions and provided me with insight about where they could see I needed further help with in my life. I am glad I asked questions and opened up because when I got home I felt awkward and alone. Gradually it became easier and the more you put yourself in uncomfortable positions the more you are able to grow and become comfortable with who you are and who you will become. You'll learn to love yourself and you won't accept anything less than being around positive uplifting people which will come easily if you participate, open up, and allow yourself to be vulnerable while you are in treatment. Always have a plan and when you are having a bad day remember how far you've come and utilize the coping skills you have gained and always know that with each day it gets easier and it's worth it because you're worth it. You only get 1 life so don't let anything prevent you from living the life you've always wanted. What you believe you can achieve and anything is possible if you want it. Thank you Executive Recovery Center for providing me with the tools I needed! I am forever grateful

by Kelly on Executive Recovery Center
Wonderful Program

The program and staff are wonderful. The trauma therapy I had helped me to identify and calm my fears. The DBT classes ran by Adam and Adriane were outstanding, they helped me change my thinking and become more mindful of the present moment. Highly recommended!

by Morris Walsh on Executive Recovery Center
This Program Works Wonders !

Drinking had always been a part of my daily life. Celebrations with clients, family, a bottle of wine with dinner, beers watching the game, a nightcap; my whole life was a celebration! My wife would always try to advise me and ask me to slow down but I dismissed her concerns. Let’s face it, I was a functioning alcoholic. I finally realized I had a problem when my wife threatened to leave me. She was tired of my mood swings, forgetfulness and having to deal with training and retraining my staff over and over again because they could not deal with my unpredictable behavior. Right then I realized I had hit rock bottom and had to get help. That’s when I called Executive Recovery. They were discreet and placed me in a rehab facility right away. Executive Recovery helped me get to the bottom of why I was an alcoholic. They took me all the way to my childhood and taught me how to deal with the trauma I suffered. I have now been sober for 217 days and have my family back. Sobriety is the biggest accomplishment of my life and I thank Executive Recovery for helping me to achieve it.

by Justin on Executive Recovery Center
Outstanding Program!

The Executive program is outstanding! Everything from therapy sessions to living accommodations was top notch. This program helped me to overcome my addiction. Without the caring staff and passionate therapists, I wouldn't be 5 months clean.

by Veronica Yates on Executive Recovery Center
Best Decison of My Life

I completed the Executive program 100 days ago Today! So I've decided to share some of my wonderful experience. The first day was a little nerve racking, I mean I just left my family back in Connecticut and I wasn't going to be able to drink for 30 days while at the program... that really had me in shock. But thanks to all of the ladies in my house who had already been in the program for some time, for helping me get my nerves settled. I met my therapist and she knew I was having a hard time adjusting, so she spent what seemed like the whole day just letting me vent and get everything out. That was one the best feelings in the world, I felt a lot more settled after talking about what was going on with my drinking and my life. The rest of the program was smooth sailing, I gained a lot of useful and practical ways to stay sober after the program. And they work, that's why I'm still sober!

by Mathew on Executive Recovery Center
Saved My Life

Executive recovery center saved my life. Really, before I went to the Executive program, I was headed down a dark path. I am very grateful that this program gave me the tools to overcome my drinking problem. God bless all the staff!

by William Stedman on Executive Recovery Center
Executive Recovery Gave Me My Life Back

As a business professional, I was very concerned leaving my business and going into treatment. My life was spiraling out of control. My wife made the first call, I was very skeptical at first. I spoke with my Intake rep who was very professional and patient, he explained the treatment in depth. Leaving my family was very hard but something I had to do for them and also myself. When I arrived at the house, the Techs were very nice very and accommodating. I had my first session with my therapist the following day, I felt relieved. I knew I made the right decision of coming into Executive Recovery. After I completed treatment I knew it would be hard for me going back to the same environment but I have been clean for 4 months and I feel great. I am attending local meetings to maintain my sobriety. Executive Recovery has helped me surpassed one of the darkest times in my life and I am forever grateful for everyone.