After Rehab: 6 Goals for Your First 6 Months

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After Rehab Be Careful About Setting Goals The months that follow rehab are some of the most intimidating times during recovery. Figuring out what you will do after rehab and how to live a sober life can be challenging at first. You have to be careful about setting goals. Goals are important: can help you to see the big picture and give you something to strive for. But poorly thought out goals that are too hard to achieve can also make you more likely to relapse. Distant goals and words […]

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction: Finding Help Through Dual Diagnosis

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Bipolar Disorder Currently Affects Tens of Thousands Across the Nation Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that currently affects tens of thousands across the nation. Previously called manic depression because of the high-low symptoms, people with bipolar disorder suffer from extreme mood swings and they are either emotionally high or they are exceptionally depressed. Many people with bipolar disorder go undiagnosed, but for those who seek treatment, the disorder is often treated with medication, such as Lamictal, Lithium and Prozac. Dual Diagnosis Is a Combination of a Mental Disorder […]

Recovery Tips: Are You in the Pink Cloud?

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For many, getting clean and sober brings a euphoria. The phase of early recovery, when someone experiences extreme happiness and excitement, is called the pink cloud. Some people call it the “honeymoon” phase. But it’s also a dangerous phase. Urban Dictionary ( defines the pink cloud this way: “12-Step recovery jargon referring to someone new who talks about how great life is, now that they’re sober. Usually meaning that the person is out of touch with reality.” The danger of the pink cloud is becoming complacent about working your program. […]

Addiction Treatment: Understanding Rehab and Employment

Will Rehab Cost Me My Job?

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One of the main concerns for functional alcoholics and addicts is losing their job if they seek treatment for addiction. Thanks to laws like the FMLA, most employees can get treatment without losing their job. That is important because about 70% or people with drug or alcohol problems are employed according to SAMHSA and NCADD.