Telling Your Loved Ones About Your Addiction Recovery

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How To Tell Your Family About Your Addiction Recovery As drugs or alcohol began to play a larger role in your life, you may have also started to alienate your friends and family. Whether it was a conscious or unconscious choice, the fact is that you’ve probably not been as open about your addiction as you should have. That means that they may not understand what you’re going through, especially if they’ve never met anyone suffering from addiction before. They may also hold misconceptions about what addiction recovery entails. In […]

Four Reasons Why Alcoholism Isn’t Controllable Through Moderation

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Have you said or heard the following? “My drinking really isn’t a problem.” “I can stop any time I want to.” “I’m not addicted, I don’t have withdrawal.” These are some of the more common phrases said by those who don’t consider their use of alcohol a problem. Although many of these people are not losing their homes or their jobs due to addiction, there can still be side effects and outcomes that are harmful to their health and relationships, whether they identify their addiction or not. Those who use […]

Addiction Treatment Therapy: What Are My Options?

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Addiction Treatment That Fits Your Needs Addiction is not easy to overcome, but with the right help, you can reach your goal of recovery. At Executive Recovery Center, we offer several addiction treatment options to help you recover from alcoholism or drug addiction. We will work with you to find the addiction treatment that best fits your needs and gives you the best opportunity of a long lasting recovery These evidence based treatments may make the difference for you or a loved one. Don’t go it alone. Get help from a certified […]

Addiction Treatment: Understanding Rehab and Employment

Will Rehab Cost Me My Job?

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One of the main concerns for functional alcoholics and addicts is losing their job if they seek treatment for addiction. Thanks to laws like the FMLA, most employees can get treatment without losing their job. That is important because about 70% or people with drug or alcohol problems are employed according to SAMHSA and NCADD.